India no AOONI


About [India no AOONI]

High alcohol content and lots of hops are added so that it does not deteriorate even during long and harsh transportation.
You can enjoy the citrus-like scent and the complex bitterness.

・Manufacture:YOHO Brewing Company
・Alcohol degree:7 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the citrus-like scent and the strong scent of hop.
A rich, complex and deep bitterness spreads in your mouth.
You can also taste the strong bitterness in the aftertaste.
It’s a beer to enjoy the bitterness.

インドの青鬼 12本 ヤッホーブルーイング クラフトビール ビール 詰め合わせ 地ビール IPA よなよなエールビール よなよなの里 お酒 エールビール 送料無料 12缶