About [Junka]

It is stored in a pot(Kametsubo) and is characterized by a mellow taste.

・Shochu brewery:Iwagawajouzou Co., Ltd.
・Material:Sweet potato(Koganesengan)、Malted rice
・Alcohol degree:25 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 You can feel a sweet scent.
 It has a mellow texture. 
 A faint sweetness spreads in your mouth.

■On the rocks
 The texture becomes more mellow.
 The sweetness is brought out and you can enjoy it more firmly.

■With water
 It has a clean texture and is easy to drink.
 You can enjoy the afterglow of a pleasant sweetness.

■With hot water
 The sweet scent and the pungent odor of alcohol becomes stronger.
 The sweetness increases, and you can enjoy the rich taste.
 You can also enjoy a delicious aftertaste.

■Recommended way to drink
 [With hot water] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the sweetness of sweet potato and the rich taste.