Kirin tokusei <Karakuti kodawari sour>

Canned cocktail

About [Kirin tokusei <Karakuti kodawari sour>]

It is made by aging rice.
It is characterized by its dry and refreshing taste.

・Manufacture:Kirin Brewery Co, Ltd.
・Material:Vodka、Rice extract、Citrus extract、Salt、Carbonic acid、Acidulant、Fragrance
・Alcohol degree:9 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the slight citrus scent.
You can feel the sharp texture.
No sweetness is felt.
It has a refreshing taste and a modest salty taste, which seems to suit meals regardless of genre.

キリン 麒麟特製 辛口こだわりサワー 350ml 缶 24本 1ケース【送料無料(一部地域除く)】キリン チューハイ ザ ストロング 麒麟 特製 辛口 缶チューハイ サワー kirin 国産