About [Riku(old)]

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It is made by carefully selecting raw materials from all over the world, and you can enjoy a rich taste.
And by increasing the alcohol content, the flavor components are packed.

・Manufacture:Kirin Brewery Co, Ltd.
・Alcohol degree:50 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 It has the scent of orange and vanilla.
 It has a mellow texture.
 You can enjoy the rich flavor and sweetness of malt.

■On the rocks
 The umami and sweetness are even more pronounced, making it even more tasty.

■With water
 It has a clean texture and is easy to drink.
 You can enjoy a refreshing sweetness.

■With hot water
 It adds a scent like a disinfectant.
 The mellowness increases.
 The sweetness increases, but you can also feel the burning of alcohol.

■With soda
 It has an exhilaration and is easy to drink.
 You can enjoy the refreshing umami and sweetness.

■Recommended way to drink
 [On the rocks] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the rich umami and sweetness of malt.