SAPPORO Nama-beer Kurolabel <Extra Malt>


About [SAPPORO Nama-beer Kurolabel <Extra Malt>]

It is made from delicious long-lasting malt, and the manufacturer is paticular about the deliciousness of the first bite.
By increasing the amount of malt and the alcohol content, the umami of barley is emphasized.

・Manufacture:Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
・Alcohol degree:5.5 degrees

Evaluation of the author

It has the strong scent of hop.
You can taste the rich bitterness of malt.
It is a beer that you can taste the bitterness as an aftertaste and just enjoy the bitterness.

サッポロ 黒ラベル エクストラドラフト 350ml×1ケース/24本 【3ケースまで1個口配送可能】