Shirakane no Tsuyu <Kuro>


About [Shirakane no Tsuyu <Kuro>]

It is made  with traditional polished sweet potato.
You can enjoy the rich taste peculiar to black malt.

・Shochu brewery:Shirakane Shuzou Co, Ltd.
・Material:Sweet potato(Koganesengan)、Malted rice
・Malt:Black malt
・Alcohol degree:25 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 It has the scent mixed with fragrance and sweetness.
 It has the clean texture.
 The umami of sweet potato spreads in your mouth.

■On the rocks
 It has the mellow texture.
 You can taste the rich umami and faint sweetness of sweet potato.
 You can also enjoy the deep afterglow.

■With water
 It has the more clean texture.
 It has the refreshing taste with a good balance of umami and sweetness.
 The taste is refreshing but you can also enjoy the deep afterglow.

■With hot water
 The scent becomes stronger.
 It has the mellow texture.
 The sweetness of sweet potato is brought out, and you can enjoy the pleasant taste of umami and sweetness.

■Recommended way to drink
 [On the rocks] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the rich umami of sweet potato and the deep afterglow.