Suntory Highball <Shirokaku Highball>


About [Suntory Highball <Shirokaku Highball> ]

Kabosu is used and it is characterized by its refreshing texture and taste.

・Manufacture:Suntory Ltd.
・Material:Whisky、Kabosu、Sugar、Carbonic acid、Acidulant
・Alcohol degree:6 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the faint fragrance.
Adding kabosu gives it a refreshing taste.
You can enjoy the refreshing taste and aftertaste of malt.

数量限定 サントリー 白角ハイボール 350ml 缶 24本 1ケース サントリー 角 ハイ ボール 缶ハイボール suntory 国産