It is made from Spanish oak barrel malt and Hakushu malt, and you can enjoy the deep umami that you will never get tired of.

・Manufacture:Suntory Ltd.
・Alcohol degree:37 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 It has the sweet scent and the scent like cemedine.
 It has the clear texture.
 The sweetness of malt spreads slowly in your mouth.

■On the rocks
 The sweetness of molt is brought out and you can taste it more firmly.
 You can also enjoy the tasteful afterglow.

■With water
 The texture becomes more clearly.
 You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness of malt.
 The refreshing afterglow is comfortable.

■With hot water
 The scent like cemedine becomes stronger, and it has the pungent odor of alcohol.
 It has the mellow texture.
 You can enjoy the umami and sweetness of malt.

■With soda
 It has the refreshing texture.
 The stimulation of carbonated water and the sweetness of malt are in good harmony.

■Recommended way to drink
 [With water] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the refreshing sweetness and afterglow.

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