Asahi THE LEMON CRAFT <Gokujou Lemon>

Canned cocktail

About [Asahi THE LEMON CRAFT <Gokujou Lemon>]

It is made from 5 carefully selected lemons, you can enjoy the scent reminiscent of real lemon.
It is characterized by the scent of ripe lemon and a faint sweetness.

・Material:Vodka、Lemon spirits、Lemon juice、Lemon extract、Lemon beer extract、Grape seed extract、Sugar、Carbonic acid、Acidulant、Fragrance、Vitamin C
・Alcohol degree:7 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the aromatic scent of lemon with a sour taste, reminiscent of real lemon fruit.
You can taste the complex and rich sourness and bitterness and the modest sweetness of lemon.
You can enjoy the pleasant afterglow with a refreshing acidity.