Kirin tokusei <Cola sour>

Canned cocktail

About [Kirin tokusei <Cola sour>]

Made with strong carbonated water, you can enjoy a refreshing taste.

・Manufacture:Kirin Brewery Co, Ltd.
・Material:Vodka、Citrus extract、Carbonic acid、Acidulant、Fragrance、Caramel pigment、Sweetener(Acesulfame K、Sucralose)
・Alcohol degree:9 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

You can clearly feel the scent of cola.
The high alcohol degree and the stimulus of strong carbonated water make you feel the firm satisfying quality of a drink.
The refreshing sweetness of cola is pleasant.

キリン 麒麟特製コーラサワー 350ml缶×1ケース(24本)