KIRIN Honshibori Chuhai <Huyukan(2021)>

Canned cocktail

About [KIRIN Honshibori Chuhai <Huyukan(2021)>]

It is particular about adding no fragrances, acidulants and sugars, so you can enjoy the taste of ingredients.
You can enjoy the scent and bitterness of yuzu, sudachi and kabosu.

・Manufacture:Kirin Brewery Co, Ltd.
・Material:Grapefruit、Yuzu、Lemon、Sudachi、Kabosu、Vodka、Carbonic acid
・Alcohol degree:5 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the scent of citrus acidity.
It has the thick texture.
It does not contain unnecessary artificial additives, and you can enjoy the sourness and faint bitterness of ingredients.
It has the rich taste and is perfect for the taste of winter.