Satsuma shimabijin


About [Satsuma shimabijin]

It has a moderate sweetness of sweet potato and is easy to drink with a habit-free texture.
It is a shochu that everyone can enjoy because it reduces the odor of sweet potato.

・Shochu brewery:Nagashima Kenjo LLC
・Material:Sweet potato、Malted rice
・Malt:White malt
・Alcohol degree:25 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 You can feel the sweet scent of sweet potato.
 It has a burning stimulation of alcohol.

■On the rocks
 It has a mellow texture with no habit.
 The sweetness and richness of sweet potato are brought out, and you can taste them firmly.

■With water
 The mellowness increases.
  You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness.
 You can enjoy the afterglow of the richness of sweet potato.

■With hot water
 The sweet scent becomes stronger.
 You can enjoy the sweetness and richness of sweet potato more firmly.
 You can enjoy a pleasant aftertaste without any unpleasant taste.

■Recommended way to drink
 [With hot water] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the sweet scent and the sweetness and richness of sweet potato without any unpleasant taste.

長島研醸(有)(鹿児島) 芋焼酎さつま島美人25゜ 鹿児島県900ml×1本 焼酎