TaKaRa Shochu Highball <Shikuwasa>

Canned cocktail

About [TaKaRa Shochu Highball <Shikuwasa>]

It is made from strong carbonated water, you can enjoy the sharp and refreshing feeling.
Shikuwasa is added and you can enjoy the refreshing sour taste.

・Manufacture:TAKARA SHUZO Co., Ltd.
・Material:Shochu、Shikuwasa、Lemon juice、Sugar、Carbonic acid、Acidulant、Fragrance、Caramel pigment
・Alcohol degree:7 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

It has the faint citrus scent. 
The refreshing citrus acidity harmonizes well with the sharp texture.
The sweetness is modest and I think it goes well with meals.