Kittyo Houzan


About [Kittyo Houzan]

It is made with a traditional jar(Kametsubo)  preparation.
Organically grown Koganesengan is the raw material, and black malt creates a rich taste.

・Shochu brewery:Nishi shuzo Co., LTD.
・Material:Sweet potato(Koganesengan)、Malted rice
・Malt:Black malt
・Alcohol degree:25 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 It has the fluffy and sweet scent.
 The elegant sweetness and umami of sweet potato spreads softly in your mouth.
 The aftertaste of sweetness and  umami is pleasant.

■On the rocks
 The sweetness and umami of sweet potato are brought out, and you can enjoy the deep taste.
 The aftertaste is also delicious.

■With water
 It has a refreshing taste.
 The sweetness of sweet potato is emphasized and you can taste the refreshing sweetness firmly.

■With hot water
 The sweet scent becomes stronger.
 It has a mellow texture.
 You can enjoy the rich sweetness and umami of sweet potato.
 You can also enjoy the tasty afterglow.

■Recommended way to drink
 [With hot water] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the sweet scent and the rich sweetness and umami.

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