Shiro tensei


About [Shiro tensei]

It is made from the special sweet potato cultivated with their own compound fertilezer.
In addition, by removing the “Suedare”, it has a refined taste with little unpleasant taste.

・Shochu brewery:Tensei Shuzo Ltd.
・Material:Sweet potato(Koganesengan)、Malted rice
・Malt:White malt
・Alcohol degree:25 degrees

Impressions of the site administrator

 The scent is strong, with a faint alcohol odor in the sweet scent.
 It has a mellow texture.
 After the stimulus of sharp alcohol, the sweetness of sweet potato spreads in your mouth.
 You can taste the refreshing aftertaste.

■On the rocks
 Increases mellowness.
 The taste is mellowed and the sweetness and richness of sweet potato are brought out.
 You can enjoy the rich afterglow of sweetness and richness.

■With water
 It has a mellow and refreshing texture.
 You can enjoy a mellow and refreshing taste.
 You can enjoy a refreshing and moderate sweetness.

■With hot water
 The alcohol odor becomes stronger.
 It has a refreshing texture.
 The clear sweetness gradually spreads in your mouth.

■Recommended way to drink
 [On the rocks] is recommended.
 Please enjoy the rich afterglow of the sweetness and richness of sweet potato.

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